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Sound design radio and TV stations
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Sound design radio airplay and TV Channels

To efficiently and correctly issue the airwaves, not just be adman. Here is necessary to know the principles of operation and the specific radio. For example, it is important to know that the voices of the speakers who take part in the design of radio, should not sound any advertising or live, or in the programs. That is why a large number of radio stations make an order on-air design in recording studios.

Very often requires a complete reformat ether: qualitatively new programs, jingles, liners, Audio. The purpose of this change may be to attract new listeners who are tired of every day to listen to the same tracks. The basis of the new musical base can pick hits that are totally different from the previous music on the airwaves. In this case, the art recording studio will produce a completely new design.

It is important that a new jingle in harmony with both the previous and the following hit. Generally jingle - it is a short audiovizitka radio while playing which sounds the station name, slogan and its broadcasting frequency. One can not ignore its importance as jingles, substrate, liners and other elements of ether to help the listener to distinguish one from the other frequency. These elements constitute the complete design of radio.

As in a conventional business card, there is a kind of Jingle logo (with the name of the radio waves). It is necessary to identify and voice, and musical instruments. In addition, it is extremely important is the text of the logo - how he "clings" will depend on the number of listeners.

Making radio is closely associated with a term such as liner. In the understanding of those who are working with the radio station, it - themed short text on a specific event (eg, a holiday). It is required to mention the logo (name) station. By itself, the liner is designed for both semantic separation unit programs or music from advertising, and to create the necessary mood among the audience during the holidays - as all or specific. For example, the program will be very useful, jingles, liners, Audio, dedicated to the New Year or Easter.

As a rule, sung and recorded jingles and liners at first tested live. Sometimes they have to repeatedly rewrite, add some words and semantic accents. All this is necessary in order to create audio tracks literally justify its existence - to attract new listeners. Therefore, each jingle in a recording studio singing, usually several times (duplicates). Before recording is also necessary, of course, to select suitable artists.

An important part of design is the radio hour weaning. It is, contrary to popular belief, not only informs about the time, but also provides a representational function and image. For example, in this fragment can be nice to beat the logo of the station and its jingle. It should be remembered that hour weaning should also not be discordant with the adjacent tracks. Especially good if all the elements essential design had closed closure, ie, stimulate the listener to listen and find out what will happen next, without leaving the station.

Jingles substrate liners - all this, of course, is good, but without drawing major programs will not be effective. The listener to remember the program and always recognize her, you need to come up with her ​​creative start. If it is "hook" the listener, then it is likely that he will continue to monitor the ether.