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Recording and Mixing of Soundtracks
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Recording Vocals. Professional Mixing Voice


Professional recording studio offers a wide range of services: from the production of advertisements to the sound. Before calling for help, you should understand how they differ. Among the abundance of services can be like the ones that are indispensable even almost ready to publish the song, and all the "raw". Try to understand the difference of such key concepts as mixing and mastering.

Thus, the reduction - is a procedure during which the individual compositions created from the final recording. This step is usually carried out after the song arrangement. Like most of the processing of music, mixing - more creative work than technical. During mixing special attention is paid to the balance of the volume, pan, density and placement of sound effects. On the other hand, mastering more common procedures such as compression or equalization, that is, when the sound is adjusted to the desired level.

Mixing music involves two tasks: it is necessary to connect a large number of audio into one complete and harmonious composition, as well as eliminate the "computer" sound, to make it as beautiful and dynamic. Professionals also recommend that you change the volume and pan prior to listing, as in most cases the sound engineer will still have to redo everything.

Information and vocal melodies - this is the connection of different tracks in one, since most of the vocals are recorded separately from musical instruments. As we have said, it is not necessary to work with the volume before this stage, as in the process of information are placed different effects as a result of which the volume is still falling, and it will have to work later. But precisely because of such effects can be achieved by a more realistic and lively sound of all the instruments.

Of course, the need to reduce the audio track only if it is recorded accurately. Professional recording vocals implies correctly requisite infrastructure room. The fact that a sensitive microphone, usually picks up not only the voice but also the influence of extraneous sound reflections (carpet, any furniture, clothing and material of walls, curtains, etc..). In the recording studio, you will not see such nonsense, so the vocals are clean and uniform.

In addition to acoustic, vocal recording also depends on technology - the same microphones. Today, the most common of the two types: the capacitor (capacitance varies depending on the frequency of the sound pressure) and dynamic (transform sound waves into mechanical). Just before recording a best performer give raspetsya. It can even track a few times to sing completely. In addition, the warm-up voice is well suited and special exercises, many of which can be found on the Internet.

Recording and processing vocals also includes preset equipment "under the artist." It is best to ask the singer to perform the most powerful moment of the composition, setting the parameters so that then there were no overloads. As a result, the sound will be to go smoothly. In addition, the recording quality directly depends on how loud sounds in the headphones soundtrack artist. In general, the louder the soundtrack, the quieter the artist sings. It should also make sure that during the recording too loud moments of the composition is not "shoot" sharply headphones singer, so as this can reduce the overall quality of work. Or maybe you do and have to re-record the track. In any case, from the comfort of artist depends a lot, so this should not think in the first place.