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Recorded greeting on the answering machine

In the context of increasing the flow of information is important to automate certain types of work in the company, especially those that are directly related to the transfer of the necessary data to customers. One of the services that simplify the life of the company, is the greeting on the answering machine, which, in addition, reduce the great amount of work secretary.

Today, the most popular system that provides automated customer information is IVR. The abbreviation stands for Interactive Voice Response, that is "interactive voice response". With it, you can create a very welcoming and ramified information menu, through which you can distribute incoming calls in different directions.

Recording answering machine - an important component of the entire help menu. It can include not one, but several audio units, which is especially useful for large companies and corporations. Customers and partners, thanks to well-thought-out navigation, gets interested in his department. Thus, using the automated voice menu, you eliminate the Secretary of processing a large number of incoming calls and more efficiently allocate responsibilities. In addition, the company's image in the eyes seriously increased customers and employees.

How does it work? After dialing the number of the client hears a voice answering machine. Usually, he says the following phrases: "Hello! Welcomes you ... To get information ... click ... to contact ... click ... ". As you can see, set up call forwarding in this case is much better on the long waiting lines. Convenient and simple menu delay customer and he did not throw up the phone because they do not wait for their turn.

It is very important that the voice on the answering machine pick up of professional speakers and actors. You can create menus in several languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian, English. In this case, after greeting the customer asked to choose the most convenient way of communication. And although the cost of multilingual greeting is more expensive than the version in one language, this approach increases the prestige of the company in the eyes of the customer. This is - evidence of respect shown by the company in relation to the subscriber.

The answering machine has a number of advantages. For example, take the law: according to its requirements, all employees are entitled to lunch. But then, at this time you can call precious customers, which can be lost, allowing them to hear long beeps. Perhaps they do not want you to call back in the future. Think about just how much can be such calls during a one-hour break. To do this, in fact, was designed greeting on the answering machine. Despite the small volume, the text contains all the information that you would like to tell your client.

The text is welcome, as well as the voice of the speaker, too, there are certain requirements. It should be concise and descriptive as possible. For a relaxing effect, you can use non-intrusive background music. The voice on the answering machine just have to be clear and vivid. Notes should be deleted slightest irritation or resentment, and so nasally. D.'s Voice should be as "standard", neutral, soft and calm. Furthermore, it should be specific to read the text in relation to the company's business. It is clear that the Bureau of Investigation can not meet the customer happy and sonorous greeting "We are glad that you called." In any case, professional speaker pushed primarily on the customer.