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Recording audio books and audio lectures
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Recording audio books, audio lectures, audio presentations

Do not believe those who say that today people do not like to read. And a love of literature, and the demand for it is preserved, if not increased. The only thing is that the standard printed books are the prerogative of those who have a lot of free time. That is mostly - the elderly. What do young people and the fact most of the time which absorbs the job? There is a way, and this - the audiobook.

The main advantage of the book in a record that can be listen at any location. It does not matter, you are gathered to work or university, or maybe you do and stand in traffic or doing household chores. All this time you can use to read your favorite books in audio format. Especially just that now, when every hand smartphone, reading any file types, including music. That is why audiobooks record is becoming more and more popular.

What other advantages does the audiobook compared to paper or electronic? Well, firstly, it can be easy to take with you to the gym. Secondly, it does not spoil the vision - and this factor has led many to abandon tablets and e-books. Third, the only place that takes such a book - it's the phone's memory. It will not gather dust on the shelf. Voice audiobooks, so begin to replace the creation of prints.

Nevertheless, the creation of audiobooks - not as simple a process as it may seem. The paper takes part as one or several speakers, editor, sometimes - editor and sound designer. Thus, the listener often do not even realize how many people were needed to carry out record audiobooks.

Regarding the choice of books, there are no restrictions. Technical literature, textbooks and lectures can be sounded as well as works of art. It is necessary to take into account only the target audience - popular literature will be much more popular than narrowly focused scientific book.

Voice audiobooks often carried out directly in the text of the printed edition. However, there is such as a book to be adapted for the audio format. So, for example, the editors decided the English version of "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. According to them, a lot of scenes and descriptions were completely superfluous, do not affect the meaning of the work as a whole.

It should be said that during the transformation of the printed edition in the audio format the author's intention is not lost - it may well convey intonation, music, pauses in the speech of a talented speaker. In addition, to enhance the effect of the product may sounds - the clatter of hooves, the rustle of the wind, the sound of water - as much as possible to make history real. The highlight of the narrative becomes charisma film and theater actors.

Recording audio books can be accompanied by music. Her chosen, usually before the start of the text. The presence of music is determined, firstly, the desire of the customer, and secondly, the genre features of the product. For example, adventure literature did not lose, if the text is well-complemented by an energetic melody. And it happens sometimes when any additional sounds, except moving speech speaker, are completely superfluous.

Voice audiobooks or audio explanation will be useful for students. Very convenient to listen to stuff on the way to school. Students who use sound recording lectures, argue that so much easier to remember and understand everything that is necessary to know for the exam. And vibrant voice of the announcer can make interesting even dry, saturated facts textbook on economics or physics.