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Recording IVR - record a voice greeting, the voice menu

Today do without full or partial automation of the company is simply impossible. Computers - is not the only tool to qualitatively improve the performance of the enterprise. Is becoming increasingly common system called "record IVR». In the Russian translation of the acronym means "interactive voice response" and actually enumerates the functions of the office of the Secretary.

IVR - record, certainly including greeting and brief information about the organization or enterprise, which reach a subscriber. Furthermore, this system actually redistributes calls within call-center, as it consists of several information sections each of which the client can connect to the respective operator. Sam manages user menu with the arrow keys of your phone to tone dialing.

It is important to record a voice greeting qualitatively. After all, the first thing that will hear the caller, phoned the company, will be the voice automated attendant. If the records are noise, squeaking or voice will sound quieter than the background music, then the effectiveness of communication with a potential client is reduced to zero.

Voice menu can and should create in the recording studio. Here for this purpose will pick a professional announcer with a clear and expressive voice, and any noise will be completely eliminated. Background music (if necessary) will mount so that it is advantageous to complement it, but not discordant with it. Database of votes, usually presented in the public domain, that is, with samples of greeting the customer can read on their own. If there are certain difficulties in the selection of voice, come to the aid director who will have professional help. There are different characteristics and tone of voice, speech, technical features and other details, which are experts only those who work with sound recording.

The process of creating an automatic greeting consists of several stages. First and foremost - the preparation of the text material. To this there are certain requirements: the text should be short and, at the same time informative. Should take into account the fact that the client needs to know the maximum efficiency for the minimum time required. The second stage - the selection of the speaker's voice. It is necessary to decide which voice male or female voice is best suited for your company. Only then start recording a voice greeting with the installation. While all the emphasis will not be placed correctly, that is, in accordance with the wishes of the customer, duplicates will be repeated. The finished material is written in the desired format, and surrenders to the customer.

Recording greetings - an important stage in the creation of the company's image. Each dialer client even during the lunch break will be given attention. Also, instead of rings the caller will hear useful information. Due to the IVR system can intelligently allocate responsibilities of each of the employees, so - to save money. Generally, the value of communication in the information age can not be underestimated. That is why you should pay attention to the creation and maintenance of the most effective communication with all its partners. After all, today is no longer aggressive marketing, namely the ability to pay attention, to listen and understand the needs of partners gives way to true financial prosperity. By purchasing IVR, you make contributions to improving the quality of customer service, increase customer base and, as a result - the future of your company.