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Mixing and Mastering Vocal, Track

Last, the final phase of work on the sound of the music in each album - this, of course, some serious (the reduction is usually carried out in front of him). In fact, it is necessary to finally "polished" sound of all the songs and fully prepare them for release. So serious in fact consists of two parts: technical and artistic.

If you look at the serious with the artistic side, it really helps the song "come alive", enriching its sound, enhancing its character - sad or happy, colorful or dull, energetic and lively. If you needed some serious track include equalization, stereo widening, and compression of approx.

From a technical point of view, some serious - is the preparation of the composition to be published on a specific physical media (DVD or CD, vinyl, and so on. D.). To do this, you need to bring the song to the desired volume and convert to the desired format. Private range of records to be fully balanced, as the song is obliged to sound great on all types of equipment. Serious vocal - the same, but all manipulations are carried out with the voice of the singer.

As a result of mastering song sounds louder. In addition, it expands the stereo panorama, and slightly changes the timbre of the sound character. If the partial audio processing suitable, mastering required when needed to improve the sound as a whole. While it may be such that the resulting information, and song sounds fine, and no longer need to do to improve.

After mastering the processed tracks in a desired sequence, and set the volume level the pause between each of them. The result of the qualitative approach will absolutely harmonious sounding, solid music album.

Many try to do some serious self. To deal with it, you must have enough time and careful preparation. You have to be the owner of the fine hearing, exceptional attention to detail, and also know a lot of technical nuances. You will also need a lot of experience and a great taste in music. To make a serious track, you must also create good acoustics and arm quality plug-ins. Given all of the above conditions, it is better to go for mastering a professional recording studio.

If the acoustics in which the serious (reduction) does not match the requirements of a professional, it may happen that some frequencies will be loud, and others quiet. You may be surprised, but it depends on the shape of the room even, not to mention its size, wall material, and so on. D. Most common problem with low frequencies: this can be seen to include speakers and walking about the room - in some places the sound will be louder in the other and may disappear altogether.

To carry out some serious vocals, avoiding the influence of room acoustics, you can pick up a good set of headphones. Of course, working with the stereo panorama of them will be a bit complicated, as it is perceived in the headphones a little bit different than on the monitor. In professional sudiyah recording for good acoustics walls are treated with special materials. Furthermore, even monitors and table engineer must be in a certain location.

Even if you decide to carry out the mixing and mastering their own, should turn to a professional sound engineer. He, as an attentive listener will catch everything that you could for some reason missed. In this case, you will not only achieve a better sounding songs, but also eliminate the error.