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Record a song in the studio! - The record company «MART Sound»

Those who are involved in music, know how important today professional sound recording. It offers studio resorted both experienced and novice musicians and vocalists. Often turn to record a song or an album, make an arrangement, mixing or mastering. Although it is - not a full-service recording studio.

Why is it so often turn to the studio, avoiding self-training records? The fact that the studio equipment is much more powerful than a home (on it and vocational). In addition, the voice recording in the studio exactly will be done qualitatively, without external noise. There are all conditions for the final sound was as clean and uniform.

In addition to equipment, each studio has its engineer. The quality of the composition is largely dependent on its experience, knowledge and taste. That he shares his vision of a professional, gives clear guidance between every take. Therefore, recording studio services have been and remain popular in the music industry.

Many people wonder how to record a song. Unfortunately, the exact answer to this question can be obtained only after the end of the recording, as in most cases the recording studio offers an hourly fee. That is why it is impossible to give an exact amount - one person can handle in 30 minutes, while someone may take a few hours. Some studios offer both fixed price (per song), and usually this information can be found directly on the site.

Writing songs in the studio - it's not just high-quality work on the sound, the result is a complete artist and engineer cooperation. Here are born extraordinary creative ideas processed during recording and arrangements, then the customer receives an original composition on any material carrier (or as an electronic file). Record a song in the studio can and should be at least because it is led by an experienced engineer can achieve the maximum quality of the track.

Recording in the studio turn out fine, and also because her room is designed with all the requirements of acoustics. Careful adjustment of different types of equipment for each artist allows you to get the desired sound. Sound recording, as we have already mentioned, is not limited to the technical characteristics of microphones, headphones and so on. D. Equally important is the professionalism of the masters of sound, without which it is simply impossible to get a great sounding vocals.

Writing songs in the studio - it is also an individual approach to each performer. It is very important while working on the composition and take into account the wishes of the customer, and the idea of ​​the artist. You can try and experiment, performing the song with a few variations. A good director will not only give good advice, but also be able to create and maintain a fun and creative atmosphere during operation.

Studio recording - it is also full support professionals during all phases of the song. This is especially important if you do not yet have much experience in the music industry. Recording of the song, as well as the whole album, their processing - arranging, mixing, mastering - all this will be done by professional staff quality studio.

You may also be cool for the technical preparation equipment. The likelihood that during the recording studio equipment fails, is close to zero. In addition, there are always experts ready in time to assist in setting up the equipment.