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Design and creation of promotional audio
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Design and creation of promotional audio clips. Record, making


At the heart of any audio clip, including information, on the text. If video advertising - above it will need to work hard, as it was on its quality often depends on the impact of advertising. Text can create and the customer himself as better than him about his product or service will not tell anybody. However, the information unit - is not the only component of advertising. Production of audio clips - is a complex process associated with the selection of the speaker's voice, music and sound effects. As for the text, it must correctly express the main idea of ​​advertising, while at the same time to be logical.
Announcer's voice - odnin of the major factors impacting the audience. It should be borne in mind that not everyone is able to convey the tone the main idea to the listener so that it is remembered. It happens that the script was written audio clip quality, but if the text will be read inappropriate voice, the effectiveness of such advertising is significantly reduced. To record audio clips, you need to take a responsible approach to the issue of selection of narrating voice.
Among the main requirements of the speaker's voice is often called the following: it must be clear and pleasant, warm and deep, and the speaker has to make a speech sincerely. Furthermore, it should be selected based on the target advertising audience. If the duration of advertising exceeds the standard, it is appropriate to record an audio clip with two voices, to avoid monotony.
If you are working on the creation of image advertising, remember that in this case it is impossible to apply a quick reading. For each image of the company is important emphasis on how well matched tone speaker, influence the perception of potential customers. In the ad, which forms the face of the company, it is important to apply the word, and the replica. Do not try to "push" in the text of a maximum of factual information - for dramatic effect is sufficient to use two or three striking fact.
Record audio clips as you can with additional sound effects, and without them. It is advantageous to allocate a video if all the other files of the advertising block will be compiled without musical accompaniment. On the contrary, if all the other videos will be complemented by sound effects, it is best in its advertising to not use them. Of course, competent sound engineer will be able to so arrange the sound accents to the beginning and end of the video clip was isolated from the mass of others.
Since the production of audio clips are increasingly accompanied by music, it is important to make sure that the background was unobtrusive, and vice versa - thematic. In this audio series should complement the voice and the rhythm of the speaker.
Where will it be shown commercials - it's the customer. More often than not it show in all those public places where it is possible to play the audio. This may be a street radio, advertising on any radio wave, and if you decide to add a video sequence, the movie will be broadcast on TV channels, videobordah, plasma screens in the subway and shopping centers.
Recording audio clip consists of three stages: the creation of the text / script, selecting voices (votes) of advertising. This entire process takes place relatively quickly if the customer already has a prepared text and choose the appropriate speaker. Audio clips has a number of advantages, especially if you compare it with the video. The first and most important of them - the low cost and the same efficiency as that of the image. The second advantage - speed up your Audio. In addition, if it will play with sufficient intervals (eg, every second or third ad unit), the movie will not be perceived as something imposed, and vice versa - will be the credibility of potential customers.