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Voice acting and dubbing films and commercials
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Production of Audio audio ads


To foreign film, television program or commercial sounded in the languages ​​of different audiences, it is necessary not only to translate the text, but also to provide a complete off-screen sound recording or dubbing. In addition, the video quality of domestic production also needs voice acting, as synchronous sound recording often leaves much to be desired (bad acoustics, noise problems of diction). What is the difference between these three concepts - sound, voice-overs and dubbing - we now face it.

Professional announcer voice (voice) video - this is the final version of the soundtrack of television and radio programs, commercials or film produced by overwriting the original elements - noise, music and speech - to a single carrier.

From professional voice advertising and film should be distinguished off-screen scoring ("vojsover") - is a way to transfer, at which it heard the actors over the original sound track. This means that, if the film is in English, after the imposition of the Russian language track will be heard both versions, only the original will be quieter. Voice-over, depending on the wishes of the customer, can be as Monophonic and polyphonic - that is, it can work over a whole team of professional actors. Due to the relatively inexpensive cost of such a translation is often used for television programs and movies.

Dubbing or duplication - this process, and the result is the creation of a full soundtrack art, animated film, TV program or advertisement in a language that is different from the original. In this case, the end result is the original speech can not be heard, it completely replaces the translated replica and the original soundtrack is removed. In the production of audio advertising this option along with a professional sound system is the most popular.

As for the music, it is important to consider here copyright. Any song or melody is the creator, so - is intellectual property. That is why, if necessary, appeal to composers to order the original music. Ignore this moment it is impossible, as in the movies, and sound in advertising - the main expressive component that affects the perception of video.

Production of Audio implies not only qualitatively thoughtful text, video, but also features the speaker's voice. If voice is too high, then it just will not have the viewer and listener so that he made ​​a purchase or take advantage of. That is why advertising often pick a soft female voice, a calm, confident men.

Voice advertising needs and in noise. They are necessary in order to make a video or audio material authenticity. Development of a number of sound noise begins in preparation for the creation of advertising. Over his installation work in parallel with the recording of voice and music. Sometimes these sound effects recorded directly during the filming (synchronously). Only a small part of the sounds imitate the noise in the sound studio. However, many natural sounds are replaced with artificial (which is especially true for melee fighting scenes or sounds of weapons).

In any case, high-quality announcer voice - is a surefire way to achieve the desired effect from advertising. It does not matter what product or service you are promoting - properly selected voice can influence a person on a subconscious level. On the contrary, an illiterate approach to such an important issue can cause low sales.