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Writing music and lyrics
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Writing text, music and Sell Songs in the Kiev studio MART Sound

That the importance of the song and has the text, understand, probably every one of us. Just a beautiful voice without a deep sense of words today very few people need - this can be explained by the fact that a really strong lyrics by more than half a century ago, come to mind now. This, unfortunately, can not be said about the songs, pacifiers that sound one day and go into oblivion. Today, writing texts, penetrating deep into the soul - the basis of quality and successful composition.

For the lyrics there is no better foundation than the corresponding music. She, like the text to suit the will of the people - remind us of love. Exciting rhythms of joy and happiness, bitterness and sorrow must be exactly transferred to the sounds of instruments. Writing music - not less important stage of the song than the choice of words.

The songs are written based on their own experiences, rarely achieve real success. The fact is thought that they may be tangled unintelligible to most listeners. Of course, it is much easier to express their own emotions than to make sure that they understand the other. Nevertheless it, the task of the author is precisely to create the text as close as possible to everyone.

Theme songs can be both broad enough - love, friendship, betrayal and separation, and specific enough - thanks to parents, New Year or any other festival, and so on. D. If subjects were able to determine the composition, then the next step - writing songs. The wider the selected topic, the more will have to work on specific methods of its interpretation, since there may be hundreds of thousands of such songs. To track sounded original, should look at the text under many angles, apply the theme in a new way, no matter how difficult this task did not seem.

To come up with a suitable name for the composition, it is necessary only to heed what strangers talk, watch a movie or pick up a book. As a rule, all these methods very quickly help you to find the best name for the new song.

No matter how strong the sense was no lyrics, no matter how pathetic was no music, if the contractor is not able to put into it all their feelings, it would not be sincere. The singer's voice does not have to be strong and melodious: remember at least Vysotsky. His charisma and crackling with deep insightful words helped him win the true love of listeners.

Writing lyrics can implement and performer himself, as was the case in the above case. This, of course, the prerogative of the brilliant musicians who are equally good feel and the lyrics and music. As a rule, the creation of new works inspired by such people do not need the money, and overheard a snippet of some song, someone else's words or catchy unusual case.

Of course, not every artist writes their own lyrics to his compositions. For these singers and songs for sale there. Today, fortunately, you can buy ready-made text on any subject, or else order it writing, voicing the main requirements. It should be borne in mind that not every existing poem suitable as text of the song. Only the most melodic of them fall gently to the music, creating a harmonious unity of word and sound.

Buying a song, you also get the name. The best of them do not only affect the listener's attention, intriguing, but also forced to experience strong feelings. As for the words you purchased a song, then there should take into account the time that they should complement the image of the artist, in any case not presenting him with a bad hand.