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Base announcer voices for movies and commercials
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Announcer voice for advertising and film. Base voices and speakers

If you are looking announcer voice, you may have had to work with video or audio recordings, and you know why we need a professional speaker. Likely to create a high-quality product you need is a specialist, not a beginner. In addition, if you are not the first time you are dealing with sound, then surely you have at least once thought about how you can make a variety of voices.

Announcer's voice does get recognized, if it is often used for voice movies or advertising. This leads to the fact that the new product is losing its uniqueness and flavor. To preserve the original plan and to achieve the effectiveness of advertising, it is necessary for each new roller pick up new speakers. Fortunately, recording studios typically offer a wide range of women's, men's and children's voices.

Sometimes when looking for speakers you can stumble upon some of the obstacles. Let's say you put in a search engine query "base vote" and went to the first site. It would seem that it's done, but that's just start there are some nuances: some studios have their own speakers, while others do reorder. This means that you will spend twice as much time on the voiceovers desired video. In addition, work through an intermediary entails additional cash costs.

Before you choose the base speakers, ask how the recording. It is best to book this service at the source. Get quick and, just as importantly, cheaper. More often than not contain the recording studio staff announcers (ie, they are not directly in the office all the time), and invite them if necessary. Such a system is not working time expenses, as with samples of sounds you can always be found either online or by visiting the studio.

Professional announcers constantly improving his speech, articulation and sound. They practiced every day to make their voices became more expressive and clear. They devote all their time to not only keep a bunch of "in good shape", but also to improve constantly.

Announcer voice, as a rule, are not divided according to the principle of a known / unknown. They are characterized by different criteria typology. Chief among them - it's sex and age. So, for example, advertising of children's products often accompanied by a female voice, sometimes - the words of the child. In contrast, the video of the men's products requires a serious, self-assured tone of the male voice. In order to select the right have to listen to short snippets of speech of each applicant. In this case the base of speakers - this is a kind of catalog, showing the main characteristics of the voice of a speaker.

A textual description of the voice - the same as the text description of perfumes. How to be beautiful were not painted features of the speaker, it will still need to hear. Only in this way the announcer's voice appears "in all its beauty." If you hear it flaws, or it just will not fit your needs, you can listen to others. As a rule, every self-respecting recording studio offers several dozen different voices.

Great demand for Russian-speaking announcers, but it does happen, when the vote of an alien, which would be absent accent. In this case, you may need to base the vote, which includes samples of audio in English, German, French or any other European language. Fortunately, these services exist today, we can only choose the right tone.