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Arranged and remix
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Arranging Music and Remix Songs

Arrangement of music - it's targeted changes in its rhythm, pace, amount, duration of the composition. With this treatment, you can change the color of stylistic song, its tone, and sometimes lends itself to change the melody of the author. In some cases, the arrangement is so transforms the music, it's hard to find similarities between it and the original composition. The main thing that was saved with a specific way, the thought, the idea is inherent only in this work.

In fact, the arrangement of the song is a reworking, a qualitative change in the already finished piece of music. The process of such transformation melody very reminiscent of the work of the composer. Armed with a single instrument or solo vocal arranger writes games for all other tools. In fact, at the beginning of the processing of any product exists only harmonious melody, while the musical arrangement of the original composition helps to find a beautiful, memorable way. What is the result of all the processes described above, often also referred to as arrangement.


Do not underestimate the value of processing melodies. Today, many of those who work in the music industry, simply do not understand the importance of the arrangement. Contrary to their view, the arrangement of the songs is as important a part in the work on the melody as the song itself. Sure, from a professional approach and experience depends arranger and final perception of music listener.

Creation of parties to each instrument - it's not all the tasks that can solve quality arrangement. Professional service necessarily involves also the selection of the tools themselves: they should ideally be combined with each other. In addition, all parties need to place in the appropriate order (tessitura) to achieve the perfect combination of different tones and sounds correct saturation of the total composition.


Needless to say that the arrangement forms the overall sound artist or band. All those who have managed to conquer the music scene for a long time worked out the specifics of their sound, using specific methods for this arrangement of the songs. They create a unique product, making it a kind of audio highlights.

Arrangements differ from such musical treatment as remixes. They are, in fact, are stirring, directing the song, writing music and mixing the resulting sound into a new composition. This form of treatment is often used to make the popular song a new sound, energetic rhythm. For example, the remix is the best for the works of pop artists to make them more suitable for track youth discos. As for the backing - it is separated from the vocal part of the composition. It is often necessary in order to sing a song could performer.


The song at the beginning of its establishment, is born in the mind of the composer, and then embodied in the form of piano parts or common motive to sing musician. In this case, the arrangement may be beneficial to order to distinguish the tune of others, is very similar in meaning and style. It will give the composition a kind of token by which the melody will be easy to remember. And if you pick up the rhythm and pace correctly, then you can achieve true love audiences.

Today is a very simple process to music, to give it special music - this is the arrangement. Kiev in this plan really is the center, which brings together the best local specialists of the music industry.