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Recording Studio (Kiev) - this is the place where you can take advantage of the professional services engineer and special equipment. You can not only record vocals or music, but also to create a full-treated composition. In work on the sound participate talented speakers, arrangers, operators, and many other experts, depending on the complexity of the project.

In addition to the creation and processing of songs, recording studio offers other services. This, for example, record a greeting and voice menu IVR, creating soundtracks, record audio books and audio lectures, and so on. D. All this is done equipped studio, where really the perfect acoustics and a pleasant environment. Here, each artist, speaker, actor and musician feels comfort.

It is important that the recording studio was located closer to the center, so as to go to the end of the city to record the song - it's a waste of time. Mart Sound Studio is located in Pechersk, which is really convenient to get to anywhere in the city.

Quality vocal recording is only possible with professional equipment and under the guidance of talented engineers. Each recording studio in Kiev values ​​its reputation, therefore invites the only talented and experienced staff - arrangers, operators, and so on. D. Importantly, while recording only proven equipment: high-quality equipment as accurately as possible give all the tone and timbre of voice features vocalist .

Voice Recording (Kyiv) - the ability to get professional advice on vocals. Usually the song is recorded in multiple takes, after each of which the performer has the opportunity to learn from the engineer to improve the sound of certain aspects of the composition.

As a rule, any, even the most unique song needs arrangement. In fact, at this stage creates a musical accompaniment to the existing or completely new composition. Due to the arrangement simple melody, blurred motif turns into a full-fledged catchy music. That is why most talented arrangers go to work in Kiev. Recording Studio works only with experienced masters of sound, so that every customer is happy with the quality of the composition. While working on the song arranger always interacts with the sound engineer and musicians.

The advantages of the arrangement in the fact that it is possible to apply to all styles of music, and a key role in this process is played by the wishes of the customer. Arrangement is usually performed quickly, pre-specifying dates of employment. Of course, the duration of treatment depends on the tune its complexity. Besides arranging almost all recording studios offer mixing and mastering. Their essence is to separate from the sounding instruments to create a harmonious composition. As a result of mastering the sound is not just clean - it will sound quality at any stage equipment.

Each recording studio, which exceed market prices significantly loses against others. That's why experienced studios offer flexible discount system, which is especially important for young musicians and vocalists. As a rule, the cost of services paid by the studio for an hour of work (250uah). It should be remembered that pre-calculate the price is simply impossible, because every artist is different, and can record the song as the first attempt, and after a dozen takes. If you offer result-oriented work - it's a professional recording studio (Kiev). The prices may be fixed therein and for the shift (eg 850uah), the duration of which is typically four hours. As you can see, the last payment option more convenient for those who are just starting to work in the music industry. Most likely, for high quality audio recording will take a few hours, sometimes - even two shifts. In this case the main thing is not to save money, and ensure the high quality of each song, the song or songs to both the customer and the performer and the audience enjoy it.